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The Different Lights For Bathroom And Dinning Room
Different lighting create a different scope, this is selection principle lamps. More different blocks Selection Guide lamps are relatively common, specific to the individual, there will be different options, after all, everyone's different aesthetic, it seemed to be the most important.Take dinning room and bathroom for exmaple.

Dinning room light selection principle
1.1 Partial light better use multi pendant lights convenient for eating. Light equipment are necessary to provide more light.
1.2: soft yellow light make fishes look more appetite.
1.3 if dinning room is high and large enough, pedant light are better idea. bathroom light selection principle
1.1 soft bright light best for bathroom and ceiling light should not install over above the bathroom tube.
1.2 Due to high humidity should be used moisture-proof lamps, plastic or glass is preferred, it is appropriate shade also sealed.
1.3 Available mainly waterproof ceiling lights, spotlights, supplemented by light, can also be a plurality of spotlights illuminated from different angles with layering appearance.
1.4 In the sink, toilet and shower area using different lighting arrangements. Mirror above the sink and the surrounding or fluorescent lighting can be installed to facilitate the grooming and shaving. Shower or bath spotlights available at the ceiling, convenient bath, can also be used at low irradiation light to create a warm and relaxed atmosphere.

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